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Activists are pointing the finger at Trump, Trans Hate Crimes

blonde trans girl
Photo Source: Pink News

Activists are pointing the finger at Trump over increased problems for trans people of this universe. While I don’t personally think Trump is behind whats coming out of his office, as I never see him wearing glasses and apparently he can’t read the small type. Does he even read what he is putting his signature on? He made a public statement that Jenner could use whatever bathroom she wanted in his hotel, but we know there is a white supremacist mindset running around and behind The Man. He’s a NY’er and urban life is very diverse.

This story is horrifying, to the point that it brought me to tears, and I haven’t cried in about 15-20 years. Not because life isn’t upsetting but because I have become numb to most stuff that upsets people. As I get older I tend more and more to think about life as a passing phase, sometimes I think I have been sent here as some form of punishment for doing something naughty in some much better sphere. I am constantly amazed at people and their lack of integrity and flat out stupidity. For a supposedly intelligent species, wars run rampant over what someone wrote or spoke, and turned in to various books. Instead of holding themselves accountable they look to a god, use confession as recourse, and hold themselves to a standard that is lower than how a lot of animals behave naturally. They twist and turn the words to suit their own narrow minded stupidity, trying to force their opinion down someone elses throat. I can only attribute it to self loathing. Sorry, I am ranting.

This is a prime example of what makes me think humanity is a FAIL, trans children were born and have as much right to this world as any other person, but they are much rarer. I 100% believe if they weren’t supposed to be here, they wouldn’t, like many other rarities in nature. Instead of accepting them and trying to understand them, or maybe why they were born in to the wrong bodies. People commit atrocities like what recently happened in Brazil. A gang of guys took Dandara dos Santos, 42, from her home, beat her, stripped her and thrown her in a wheelbarrow before being taking her away to be killed. Talk about cowards, six of them. This makes my blood rage, it created a storm in my head that went from incredible empathy for her Mother to a flat out rage of vengeance that I would have inflicted on these cowards had I the chance.
The pain and suffering that has been inflicted on to her and then on to her Mother and the others close to her is horrifying, for nothing but a cowardly act of cruelty. Tough guys.

“Her mother, Francisca Ferreira, said on Brazilian TV that she was so distraught when she first heard the news that she could not accept it.
“I was very desperate, crying and asking God what had happened. What did these boys do, my God?
“I became so crazy I could not believe it if there was a fight or not.”
The victim’s sister, Sonia Maria, said Dandara was a selfless friend, always going out of her way to help others, even strangers.
She said: “She never said no. She could be tired, but she was always helpful.
“Wherever we asked her to go, she would. She never said no.”
Dandara had been attacked previously for being trans, Sonia said.
The group of men who attacked Dandara can be seen laughing and cheering in the video as they kick, punch and beat her with shoes and plank of wood.” Source: Pink News

When I first read the story, I couldn’t watch the video, the next day while I was working away, at work, it rolled through my mind and that is when I felt tears flow from my eyes for the first time in years. What is it about the human race that makes them act like a pack of jackals.

I can only say that the attackers are lucky that it was not me that was one of the cops that arrested them. They would all be limping on a broken ankle, to remind them for the rest of their pathetic lives what they have done, and to remind them of the pain they caused many people. I hope her Mother gets the love and support she needs, after the horrible atrocity so cruelly inflicted on her child.

In 2016, 26 transgender people who died from violence in the U.S. have been accounted for, the highest on record and by the end of Feb 2017, reports are 7 to date this year. This is unacceptable and to not move forward to protect these people is a disgrace.