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Canadian Teacher wins $1,000,000 Global Prize

teacher wins 1 million prize
Photo Source: (AP Photo/Martin Dokoupil)

Thousands of applicants compete for a one million dollar prize that Maggie MacDonnell brought home from Canada.
The Global Teacher Prize awarded at a ceremony in Dubai, United Arab Emirates,
highlights those that have made outstanding contribution to the profession, using innovative classroom practices and encourages others to join the teaching profession.

Focusing on “acts of kindness” such as running a community kitchen and attending suicide prevention training in a community where drug and alcohol abuse is a problem. She also established a fitness facility for both youth and adults.

At the event Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau offered his congratulations through a video message. “On behalf of all Canadians, from one teacher to another, congratulations on winning the Global Teacher Prize 2017,” Justin Trudeau a former teacher himself,
“You have done extraordinary things in exceptional circumstances and have showed enormous heart, will and imagination”.