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Fox Entertainment apologizes for “Fake News” movie campaign


Its not just in President Trumps unrelenting battle with media members, the issue has struck again. This time it involves the marketing of a new movie and websites that were set up with “fake news” to promote the flick. The websites display fake news posts to draw people to click through to learn about the film.

As revealed by a BuzzFeed story published Monday. In a marketing campaign for A Cure For Wellness, director Gore Verbinski’s new thriller about a mysterious Swiss health spa. They created a small constellation of fake local news websites with headlines like “Psychological thriller screening leaves Texas man in catatonic state.” Some of the other headlines put a political touch on it “Trump orders CDC to remove all vaccination-related information from website,” or “BOMBSHELL: Trump and Putin spotted at Swiss resort prior to election.” Using topics that have dominated the media. One story declares that the American Medical Association has classified “Trump Depression Disorder” as a disease, that readers should take to twitter for “TDD” by tweeting and using the hashtag #cureforwellness.

Anyone that runs news feeds is now promoting “fake news” if these stories make it to the feed. The world wide web, all being connected leaves lots of opportunity for things to spread fast, as we know, how fast a virus can spread. That breach of trust is especially egregious, said Darke, because the parent company Fox Entertainment Group, owns 20th Century Fox, but also owns Fox News. A site people should be able to rely on for the news, but if there is underhanded play in one company it can be natural to expect it from the other.
“Consumers can easily make the link between a Fox movie and Fox News,” Darke said.

This modus operandi was apparently used for the marketing of the Blair Witch Project in which a small budget film gained huge success.

“Controversy is one of the greatest ways that you can sell a film,” said Gary Faber, co-founder of market research and strategy firm ERm, which studies audiences.
“But usually you want your movie to be the controversy — you don’t want your marketing to be the controversy.”

President Donald Trump has denounced outlets like CNN as “fake news” and shared false stories himself on Twitter. 20th Century Fox and Regency responded by releasing a statement about the campaign.

“‪A Cure for Wellness‪ is a movie about a ‘fake’ cure that makes people sicker,” the statement reads. “As part of this campaign, a ‘fake’ wellness site, healthandwellness.co, was created and we partnered with a fake news creator to publish fake news. As our movie’s antagonist says, ‘There is a sickness inside us. And only when we know what ails us, can we hope to find the cure.”’

Lack of integrity and lying seems to be the sickness to me, say or do anything to try and make a few fast bucks. Not relying on the integrity of the product itself in this case using fake news as a marketing ploy. Will the film make money or flop in the hands of the public who has been kind of duped?

Normally I would include a trailer but what has happened even runs against my queer ethical boundaries.