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Its Barbies birthday, introduced in 1959 at NY International Toy Fair.

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Photo Source: Mattel

Fifty eight years ago, Barbie, was introduced at the NY American International Toy Fair by Mattel.

She was inspired to replace the traditional paper doll, 11 inches tall in a 3D form and taken after a German doll called Lilli . “Barbie” was the nickname for her daughter, Barbara created by Ruth Handler. Following Barbies success and controversy at times, she was partnered with another doll, this time a male named “Ken”.

Barbie has had a wide range of careers extending from a paratrooper, Canadian Mountie, a SeaWorld trainer, a cat burglar, a news anchor, Paleontologist, ballerina, a rapper, and NASCAR driver, and President, an astronaut, and more. New Barbie dolls are available in different ethnicities to bridge the gap from different girls. She has also expanded at the waist a bit as many middle age women do as a result of criticism from women groups after the new millennium. Its hard to imagine that any toy created in 2017 would still be around in 2075, that’s certainly a challenge for todays toy makers.

Various artists have attempted to create an “average” looking barbie, for those girls that a pretty Barbie may give a complex to. I think any kid that wasn’t happy with their Barbie could soon cut her hair and plaster her with tattoos or give her a big fat mole on her face, if they didn’t like the way she looked… but to each their own. The only thing I didn’t like about Barbie was that I wanted the toy tool kit my brother got and wondered why anyone would buy me a doll, and thought my presents sucked. Girlie toys and clothes, honest to god what were they thinking! For whatever reason I chose this female body, I can only be thankful there are many toys today I can buy in different shapes and sizes 😉 That’s how we roll.

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