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Wake up people!.. and stop fighting the universe.


In recently reading a story about a gay man who was shunned by his family on religious grounds. Claiming if we were in bible times that he would have been stoned to death, this makes me feel sick for humanity. While humans feel they are all so superior, and have a right to cast stones and judge others. Its time for people to open their eyes, their minds and take a look above their heads.

There is a huge universe out there, people are like ants on a hill. If you look at a hill maybe you will find a patch of clover, if you look hard enough you are likely to find a four leaf clover. Different but a clover, none the less. If the world was not meant to have gay, lesbian and transgender people, they wouldn’t exist. Its time for people to really get their heads out of their a**es and look around.

It is no secret that religion, while it does have some good points, has been used for self serving purposes over the centuries contrary to its fundamentals. Turned and used in ways to control the public and play with power. Its not the power that these people have the right to play with. What does every religion in this world have in common? There is always a higher power, people need to look inward and ask themselves if they are doing right. Instead of making excuses for bad behavior, casting blame and negativity is not the answer. No god or higher power would see that as the path to enlightenment.

Every person that has been born has a right to be on this world as much as the next person or the next animal, or the next plant or whatever this universe created. Any person who wants to challenge the power of the universe is surely on a path set to fail.

We know that violence breeds violence and so on and so on. Until people can learn to get along with each other regardless of race, sex, and religious beliefs, humanity will keep destroying this earth in a fight they can never win. Its not up to them to decide who has a right to live on this world, and its most certainly not up to them to decide who should die. People want to force their opinion down someone else’s throat because they are different, are not worth the time of day. It is exactly for these types of reasons that we have the problems we are faced with, people lashing out in anger and causing more harm than good. Live and let live, or kill each other in a fight you can’t win.

If the gods were here, I don’t think they would be happy with what they see. People need to open their minds, take a look inside, out to the universe and stop casting judgement on others. The world will never be a beautiful place, if people don’t make it one.