The importance of Mr Ashton Kutcher, “the right to pursue happiness”.


The importance of Mr Ashton Kutcher, hats off and a huge round of applause for his concerted efforts to make this world a safer place… for everyone.

While we all enjoy humour and many other forms in the arts, the passion and urgency in Mr Kutchers voice in this video is real life drama. Outlining his efforts and campaign to defend “the right to pursue happiness” before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. He addresses a subject that most people don’t want to know about, because it threatens our desire of a disney dream style of life. The subject addressed is very real and very horrifying, a dramatic story on what is going on with sex slavery and work related slavery that almost brings him to tears. Addressing this very real world problem, Mr Kutcher discusses bringing jobs back to America. Peoples lives being stolen, and some sold for some instant gratification by others, as Kutcher outlines.

Mr Kutcher speaks about it haunting him every night, that he had to say “no” to a request for a tool that could be used by Homeland Security. He has put his efforts in to his technology interests to come up with a solution and describes his views of technology as a “tool”.

In response to the internet trolls (and probably perpetrators of the innocent) that have told him to stick to his day job, he pointed out that this is his day job and he intends on sticking with it. Unlike most people, Ashton Kutcher is in a position to choose how he wants to spend his days and we can not praise him enough for what he is doing on the issues he has brought forward.

We hope that he receives the support he needs on this campaign, anything less would be a disgrace to all of humanity.
Once again, a huge round of applause and hats off to Mr Ashton Kutcher, it is efforts like his that are the catalyst to making this a safer and more acceptable world. As he stated a Constitutional Right, everyone should have “the right to pursue happiness”.