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The Sessions White House Agenda? Has Trump been Trumped?

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Lets hope not. Under normal circumstances we would say, “brace yourself Sheila”, but we are well beyond this, leaving peoples minds like the aftermath of a snake in a lawnmower.
Why do I say that? One question, would anyone have voted Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III (born December 24, 1946) to be the US President in 2017? Lets take a step back and look at whats been happening.

Mr Donald Trump, famed celebrity of “The Apprentice”, real estate mogul, a driven businessman his entire life. A man that has made his name a brand and who monetizes his name in deals, people pay for the right to use the name Trump. What a better platform than being a US president to make your brand/name historical. I would have thought about it, so I am sure Trump has. We know that there are good intentions in Trumps head, speaking about achieving peace in the middle east, taking care of the country and cleaning up Americas backyard. Fixing a system that is broken, through someone that knows the system.

Jan. 25, 2016 “Stephen Miller, a trusted aide to Sen. Jeff Sessions of Alabama, will join Donald Trump’s presidential campaign on Wednesday, serving as a senior policy adviser to the Republican front-runner.” Source Link

Jeff Sessions lied to congress answering a question he wasn’t asked. Why was he on the defensive to begin with, and why lie? The right thing to do would have been to disclose and address the issue. He obviously wanted the job, according to various news reports Sessions has a tremendous amount invested in this.

Feb. 28, 2016 Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III, the first senator to back Trump. From the state of Alabama and its 96 listed swamps. Source Link

“Jeff Sessions endorsed Donald Trump for president: Here’s why that’s a big deal” Feb 29, 2016

In 2014, Sessions was in line to take over as key of the powerful Senate Budget Committee. After an unlikely protest by Wyoming’s Mike Enzi, who edged out Sessions in seniority, the Alabama Republican stepped aside and was given the chairmanship of the Senate Subcommittee on Immigration, Refugees and Border Security. In that role, he has become the leading voice against Obama administration plans to allow as many as 5 million undocumented immigrants to remain in the U.S.

When Trump began crafting his own hardline immigration plan, he turned to Sessions.

Even before endorsing Trump’s candidacy, Sessions spoke favorably of the candidate’s plan to put a halt to most immigration until more stringent criteria is put in place.

“This is exactly the plan America needs,” Sessions said. “Crucially, this plan includes an emphasis on lifting struggling minority communities, including our immigrant communities, out of poverty, by preventing corporations from bringing in new workers from overseas to replace them and drive down wages.”
Source Link: http://www.al.com/news/index.ssf/2016/02/jeff_sessions_endorses_donald.html

“In jagged black strokes, President Donald Trump’s signature was scribbled onto a catalogue of executive orders over the past 10 days that translated the hard-line promises of his campaign into the policies of his government. The directives bore Trump’s name, but another man’s fingerprints were also on nearly all of them: Jeff Sessions.

The early days of the Trump presidency have rushed a nationalist agenda long on the fringes of American life into action – and Sessions, the quiet Alabaman who long cultivated those ideas as a Senate backbencher, has become a singular power in this new Washington, D.C.

Sessions’ ideology is driven by a visceral aversion to what he calls “soulless globalism,” a term used on the extreme right to convey a perceived threat to the United States from free trade, international alliances and the immigration of non-whites.

From immigration and health care to national security and trade, Sessions is the intellectual godfather of the president’s policies.

Sessions’ reach extends throughout the White House, with his aides and allies accelerating the president’s most dramatic moves, including the ban on refugees and citizens from seven mostly Muslim nations that has triggered fear around the globe.

The author of many of Trump’s executive orders is senior policy adviser Stephen Miller, a Sessions confidant who was mentored by him and who spent the weekend overseeing the government’s implementation of the refugee ban. The tactician turning Trump’s agenda into law is deputy chief of staff Rick Dearborn, Sessions’s longtime chief of staff in the Senate. The mastermind behind Trump’s incendiary brand of populism is chief strategist Stephen Bannon, who promoted Sessions for years as chairman of the Breitbart website.

Then there is Jared Kushner, the president’s son-in-law and senior adviser, who considers Sessions a savant and forged a bond with the senator while orchestrating Trump’s trip last summer to Mexico City and during the darkest days of the campaign.

Sessions helped devise Trump’s first-week strategy, in which the president signed a blizzard of executive orders that begin to fulfill his signature campaign promises – although Sessions had advocated going even faster.

The senator lobbied for a “shock-and-awe” period of executive action that would rattle Congress, impress Trump’s base and catch his critics unaware, according to two officials involved in the transition planning. Trump opted for a slightly slower pace, these officials said, because he wanted to maximize news coverage by spreading out his directives over several weeks.

Trump makes his own decisions, but Sessions was one of the rare lawmakers who shared his impulses.” Source Link: http://www.al.com/news/index.ssf/2017/01/jeff_sessions_fingerprints_on.html by Washington Post

In an email in response to a request from The Washington Post, Bannon described Sessions as “the clearinghouse for policy and philosophy” in Trump’s administration, saying he and the senator are joined at the center of Trump’s “pro-America movement” and the global nationalist phenomenon.”

Cliff Sims, the Alabama native now serving as director of White House Message Strategy.

Jared Kushner has been described as the “evil genius” that set a social network influence campaign in to action at $70 million a month. Doubling down and the end.

“There may be some fake news on Facebook, but the power of the Facebook advertising platform to influence voters is very real. This is the story of how the Trump campaign used data to target African Americans and young women with $150 million dollars of Facebook and Instagram advertisements in the final weeks of the election, quietly launching the most successful digital voter suppression operation in American history.
With Project Alamo as ammunition, the Trump digital operations team covertly executed a massive digital last-stand strategy using targeted Facebook ads to ‘discourage’ Hillary Clinton supporters from voting. The Trump campaign poured money and resources into political advertisements on Facebook, Instagram, the Facebook Audience Network, and Facebook data-broker partners.” Source Link: https://medium.com/startup-grind/how-the-trump-campaign-built-an-identity-database-and-used-facebook-ads-to-win-the-election-4ff7d24269ac#.nuh7l41me

WikiLeaks posts Emails : Timeline of Call out to Russia Source Link : https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2017/03/02/us/politics/sessions-russia-timeline.html?_r=0

Breitbart publishes “How to Hack a Voting Machine” on Nov 7, 2016. Source Link: http://www.breitbart.com/tech/2016/11/07/watch-how-to-hack-a-voting-machine/
Steve Bannon former CEO.

Trump takes home the votes that get him the electoral votes, the power, and Clinton takes home the popular vote, the mindset majority of the country.

A NY’er and an Alabamian. The question remains, does Trump have his own vision and agenda? or are we simply watching a tag team effort that gives Trump the position, and an agenda on America that is Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III, (71 years old) vision of what America needs. If he has the power over the justice system and the power over Trump…

If Trump imposes and pushes through a swampland agenda, he will be gone in four years because it is not the mindset of the majority and it is not the mindset of the young people who will be the generations that follow. Do people want to be set back in their lives 50 years, it may appeal to the older generation but they are not the ones taking over as time progresses.

Is Trump thinking about the younger generation, the legacy he will leave for his children and grandchildren? Can he fix the countries problems but move forward with the social conscious? This is a different world than it was fifty years ago, kids are connected through the internet and seeing things that no young adult would see or be able to connect with back then. They did have libraries and tv but its noootttt quite the same, today you can research anything on the internet, you no longer need a book to learn.

While all this is going on, can he maintain a global presence that will command respect? As we all know respect is earned. I love my grandparents and they instilled certain things in me, but by the time I was ten, I had done more global travelling than they did in their entire lives. Lets hope the Ny’er in Trump prevails with a vision for the country that will satisfy not just the voters behind the electorate. He needs to get it right or the pendulum will swing back, and swing back hard it will. Its a tall order.