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Timing is Everything in Photos that go Viral

preying mantis
Photograph by Tustel Ico

The internet and the power to share things that you wouldn’t see a hundred years ago. Sharing things from the other side of the world in a split second… some top picks of photos that go viral.


diver and whale
Photograph by MARCO QUERAL (via Daily Mail)



seagull steals ice cream
Photograph by Jörn Kessels | Foto Kessels on Facebook


Photograph by Ensign John Gay/U.S. Navy


bird catching berry
Photograph by Sindri Skúlason on Flickr


statue trumpet cloud
Photograph via Loco Lol


eagle flying
Photograph by PAM MULLINS (via The Telegraph)


church eclipse sun
Photograph by Peter Wienerroither


electricity storm
Photograph by photoDiod on Flickr


Photograph by Lentilcia on deviantART


timed photo
Photograph via Smug Shots @ news.com.au


aerial kite surfing photo whale background
Photograph by Michael Swaine @ AbovePhotograph.com.au


Photograph by Frode Sandbech