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Russian researchers develop new technology for treating varicose veins


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One of the plights of getting older, not only are they unattractive but are said that they can be quite painful.

“Researchers of the Center for Advanced Studies of Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University (SPbPU) in collaboration with LLC “Company Neo” industrial partner developed new technology of varicose veins obliteration (elimination of varicose veins from blood circulation) by the means of focused high intensity ultrasound. The experimental layout of the device has been developed within the framework of the Federal Target Program “Research and development 2014-2020” supported by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation and presented in early 2017.

According to the method developed in SPbPU the patient’s lower limb is placed into the container with liquid conducting ultrasound. The physician marks areas (spots) on the screen of the device, which must be subjected to irradiation. The program determines the required number of areas (spots), if necessary presses the irradiated portion of the vessel to stop the blood flow (applying mechanical press with compression cuffs), and the device starts the irradiation procedure under physician’s supervision.

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The advantage of this technique is that it is carried out without damaging the skin, and, therefore, should not necessarily be performed in the operating room. Moreover, this is the first method combining both diagnostics and treatment: ultrasound diagnoses the disease and also affects blood vessels for their obliteration.

“Up to this moment laboratory stand was assembled, where series of experiments proving the effectiveness of the technology were conducted ,” says Alexander Berkovich the Head of “Medical Ultrasound Equipment” laboratory of the Center for Advanced Studies, SPbPU.

Researchers plan to create an automated diagnostic ultrasound. It is expected that it will consist of two or more diagnostic modules, operating simultaneously to create a unified picture of the lower limbs venous network, thus significantly increasing the speed of the procedure.”

Peter the Great Saint-Petersburg Polytechnic University